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Gold investment program

We combine investment discipline with the ability to adapt to market changes so that we are prepared for the challenges of asset management in any environment.

Gold investment program

Investment programs:

We have spent a lot of time and effort and thought differently and boldly to present a completely new investment mechanism commensurate with the rapid changes in light of the successive negative news of inflation from all over the world that negatively affects money and occupied a large area of our time in how to protect and develop it in these circumstances.

The right approach in these ambiguous circumstances must focus first on preserving the value of money without losing the foundation, and then trying to develop it, even in a simple way. If we think about the safest type of investment, we will immediately find that buying and managing investment properties is the best solution.

Amwal Investment Company devised a safe investment mechanism.

This mechanism guarantees the investor’s capital in gold (the safe haven), and it has been known since ancient times that gold is a safe haven in times of war conflicts and instability.

Where Amwal Investment Company operates in the field of real estate and commercial investment, and based on the company’s experience in establishing, displaying and selling real estate investment projects and housing units inside and outside Turkey, and providing financial and administrative consultancy inside and outside Turkey, the company opened the door to investment and partnership in front of investors in these projects on the basis of participation or Murabaha in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Amwal Investment Company, with its partners, issued an Islamic Dinar (22-carat gold dinar, weighing 4.25 grams per dinar) to be granted to the investor upon signing the investment contract as a mortgage or guarantee for the capital. The value of the granted dinar is equal to the value of the cash investment.

The investment program with the guarantee of title deed.

One of the modern and safe investment mechanisms in Amwal Company.

If it were not for real estate, which needs huge capital, all people would have invested in it. Therefore, Amwal Company came to remove the barrier of need for real estate
A large capital is in front of you, as you can invest in the best real estate, starting at $25,000, with annual Murabaha contracts in accordance with Islamic Sharia, with excellent returns, through the real estate stock purchase system.

Real estate investment portfolio.

The term “real estate investment portfolio” refers to a group of real estate and real estate assets (lands – houses – shops – buildings – villas owned by companies or individuals that were purchased for sale or leased to achieve profits as income-generating real estate.

– The “real estate investment portfolio” allows opening the door to the majority of people To enter into a real estate investment without the need to pay the full value of the property, by purchasing shares or stocks in the property.


They are distinguished by the fact that the investor does not choose real estate, but is an investor in the real estate investment portfolio itself.

Investing in a real estate investment portfolio.

According to the investment program for the real estate investment portfolio, the company offers real estate funds or a share of it from the developer or seller and transfers the ownership of the property (Tabu) in full or a share of it to the investor according to the investment amount from the value of the property as a guarantee for its capital, and buys the entire property or the share from the investor according to the provisions of a contract Islamic Murabaha with an excellent annual return.