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AMWAL Uses World Class Product Management Models For Commercial Global Opportunities, Products and Services, With More Than 2000 Products Across,
All 8 Sectors,
Its Programs Support Producers, Open New Markets and Build Consumer Confidence.

Armed With Increased Trust in The Quality, This
Allows for Global Expansion In The Following


as Cosmetics, Fashion, Food Beverage and Other Products, Helping Create Steady and Robust Supply Chains and Access to Quality

Innovative Turkish

Innovative Turkish and all Other Products.


Medical Devices Solutions, Opportunities In All ٨ Sectors, Under Standards, To Move Products in Both Directions.

Distinct Distribution

nique And Distinct Distribution / Franchise Model


AMWAL Working Closely with its Partners and Its Sharia Advisory Council, To Designed Wide Variety of Needs for Both Individual and Commercial Clients,

And Developing a Marketplace and A Robust
Variety of Financial Products.
Products Include Sharia-Compliant Mortgage and
Business Loans, Micro-Financing, Project
Financing and Other Financial Services

Major Focus Is in Sukuk Bonds,

A Major Focus Is in Sukuk Bonds, Such as
Government and Public Bonds, That Can Be
Distributed Globally.
All Products Are Created and Supported in
Conjunction with Well-Known and Established
Industry Brand Names.




MWAL manages investments in real estate, public and private companies, and
other tangible assets like gold for short- and long-term portfolio growth.
Core holdings are concentrated in infrastructure, real estate and gold,

with a focus on supporting and growing the Islamic Sectors. Assets such as oil refineries, hotels and other real estate, as well as solar and other clean, renewable energy solutions sit at the center of the amwal strategy.


AMWAL aims to create a more sustainable and harmonious world, built on bridges of understanding, shared values and collaboration, which align with government and personal initiatives.
AMWAL produces strategic research, projects and events focused on education, energy and infrastructure, economy and business, healthcare, it seeks to foster unity and cooperation, provide trusted guidance, and support practical, effective, real-world solutions.


AMWAL provides premier consulting and project management services, to facilitate
large-scale projects and long-lasting partnerships.
through joint efforts, our team supports personal and government vision programs,
knowledge and expertise.
with a deep network, possessing a wide array of qualifications.

AMWAL consulting is equipped to support projects of all sizes and to train local teams in all sectors.

areas of concentration include infrastructure, healthcare, supply chain, technology,
industrial cities, real estate and government initiatives, platforms, projects and