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Our membership in SPARCO BANK qualifies us to provide financial and banking services tailored to finance various business activities

our values, our mission.

AMWAL INVESTMENT Company to make the gold and real estate investment two important supporting partners

at AMWAL INVESTMENT Company, we offer professionally managed investment solutions that help muslims from different countries achieve their investment goals while honouring their personal values. we know that our clients have unique financial needs so we provide a full range of investment in reale estate by gold guarantee, and our very own sharia compliant exchange funds, and an exceptional service experience.


We commit to being the best at what we do and how we show up.
We stand for something by being ethical and having a moral compass.


We perform with courage, consistency and respect to do what is honest, fair, credible and trustworthy.
With a firm adherence to moral and ethica convictions, we commit to doing the right things even while no one is watching.


We are accountable to our Investors and to our Values for the results of our actions and decisions.


We take a personalized approach as we recognize that each Investor has unique specifications, needs and preferences.


Creating sustainable competitive advantages in the Muslim world is impossible without an understanding of the specifics of the Islamic mentality and cultural values.


Our continued focus is on positive change that leads to a positive outcome. We anticipate and respond to challenges and changing needs with creativity, enthusiasm and determination.


we established AMWAL INVESTMENT Company to make the gold andreal estate investment two important supporting partners.
we created successful real estate projects with our strategic partner in turkey in different sectors. and thereby achieved sustainable growth. in course of time, we diversified our investments in the areas of real estate, and gold. With the Two-Way investment consultation offered by our professional consultation team, we are aiming to create organized and sustainable economical networks. we are offering our expertise in the rising sectors (Real Estate, gold) to our clients. At the same TIME, we also offer all kinds of services that will be needed (business development, project management, legal consulting, lobbying) to the foreign investors in Turkey. and WE keep growing since the day we established.
Each and every day we carry out new, valuable projects in the area of international trade. On the other hand, with the consulting services offered by us to the global investors and the project owners we support companies that want to invest in Turkey.


AMWAL Uses World Class Product Management Models For Commercial Global Opportunities, Products and Services.


AMWAL Working Closely with its Partners and Its Sharia Advisory Council, To Designed Wide Variety of Needs for Both Individual and Commercial Clients.

Our Services


AMWAL aims to create a more sustainable and harmonious world, built on bridges of understanding, shared values and collaboration, which align with government and personal initiatives.


AMWAL manages investments in real estate, public and private companies, and other tangible assets like gold for short- and long-term portfolio growth.


AMWAL provides premier consulting and project management services, to facilitate large-scale projects and long-lasting partnerships.